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Welcome to Clear Skies Content

"Customers use content to inform their buying decisions. Are you providing them with the right kind of materials to help with that decision making?"

Clear Skies Content was built out of a desire to create content that is equally valuable to customers and sales teams alike. With engaging language, storytelling techniques and a customer-first approach, we can make sure we're producing useful content that puts the customer's needs at the heart of every blog, brochure and case study. Because when you answer customers' questions, you empower them to make good buying decisions.

Whether you have something that you think needs improving, or if you're starting from scratch, let's use the power of content to build strong customer relationships.

I'd love to send you samples of the work I've done for other clients - just get in touch!



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Technical content can be overwhelming. It’s all products and services, jargon and technical details. How can your customers engage with a story they can’t see themselves in?


My name is Kat Guenioui. I started my career in trade magazines and spent 8 years as Editor of World Cement. During that time, I saw all kinds of content land in my inbox – a very small percentage of which could be described as ‘engaging’. For the most part it was product descriptions or academic articles. Important information that wouldn’t get the attention it deserved because of the way it was conveyed.


Over all those years of asking for more information, seeking changes to articles, talking to readers about the kinds of content they were most interested in, and reading, reading, reading, I learned a lot about how to make technical content interesting, engaging and relevant.


Since embarking on a freelance career in 2016, I’ve been putting this knowhow into practice for industries including cement, steel, data centres and sales and marketing. It turns out writing engaging content is something that a lot of B2B businesses struggle with. I’m here to help!

These days I also write for B2C companies, like HiPP Organic and SilverLeaf Garden Rooms, which I love! You can see what clients say about me below.


" By putting your customers at the heart of your content, we can find a better way to share your stories and build stronger relationships. "



Case studies

Case studies enable you to prove your capabilities in a way that puts the customer at the heart of the story. They are one of my favourite things to write


I interview subject matter experts, customers and project leads to develop complete stories that reflect your business's strengths

Thought leadership

Demonstrate your expertise and build trust with your audience through thought leadership content. I can write it on your behalf, in collaboration, or take your words and give them a polish

Technical articles

Technical topics need good writing - otherwise you'll lose your audience along the way. I'm comfortable writing about technical processes and solutions

Website copy

Optimised content to tell your story and answer your customer's questions. Whether you need new pages or a total refresh, I can help.

Long-form content

E-books and white papers can be a great way of attracting new customers and taking a deep-dive into important topics. I'm happy to take on longer projects and can still provide a timely turnaround


Got content that requires a once-over? I regularly provide editorial services to customers seeking a consistent and professional finish.


From tone of voice guidelines to brand storytelling, content ideas, and more - I can provide support across your marketing activities 

What Clients Say

"Kat is a rare gem, with a natural talent for curating content. Able to take on both everyday and obscure subject matters, the real joy is not just that the written content is of first class quality, but that Kat makes content creation easy for us, without the tedious and time-consuming liaison.”
CHRIS BROWNE, SilverLeaf Spaces Ltd

Our Work


The below is a small selection of work completed for a few different B2B and B2C clients. If you'd like more samples, please email me.


Let's create great content that strengthens your brand. 

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