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"Customers use content to inform their buying decisions. Are you providing them with the right kind of materials to help with that decision making?"

At Clear Skies Content we believe in creating content that informs your customers. We use engaging language to capture their interest and we make sure their needs are at the heart of every blog, brochure and case study.

Whether you have something that you think needs improving, or if you're starting from scratch, we can help you use the power of content to build strong customer relationships.

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Technical content can be overwhelming. It’s all products and services, jargon and technical details. How can your customers engage with a story they can’t see themselves in?


My name is Kat Guenioui. I spent 8 years as Editor of World Cement magazine. During that time, I saw all kinds of content land in my inbox – a very small percentage of which could be described as ‘engaging’. For the most part it was product descriptions or academic articles. Important information that wouldn’t get the attention it deserved because of the way it was conveyed.


Over all those years of asking for more information, seeking changes to articles, talking to readers about the kinds of content they were most interested in, and reading, reading, reading, I learned a lot about how to make technical content interesting, engaging and relevant.


Since embarking on a freelance career in 2016, I’ve been putting this knowhow into practice for industries including cement, steel, cyber security and sales and marketing. It turns out writing engaging content is something that a lot of B2B businesses struggle with. I’m here to help!


" By putting your customers at the heart of your content, we can find a better way to share your stories and build stronger relationships. "


We work with a number of cyber security content writers to supplement our in-house team. They're all good, however Katherine's work stands out.


It is clear Kat takes great pride in every piece of content she writes, always well researched, well referenced... and I know she'll always deliver a great piece of work. Which ultimately makes my job easier.

CHRIS BROWNE, Head of Marketing, COMTACT

Kat Guenioui's work is inspiring. She is able to transform mundane technical content to inviting, easy-to-digest stories.


Her strong command of complex subject matter allows her to fully apply our company's tone of voice principles of curiosity, confidence and clarity. Further, she is also highly responsive and committed to any agreed-upon deadline.


We, both Marketing and our technical colleagues at FLSmidth, thoroughly enjoy working with Kat.

JANINE ROTHBAUER, Strategic Marketing Manager – Cement, FLSMIDTH

Katherine has been invaluable to the growth of our content marketing project. Researching the subject matter in-depth and always delivering above and beyond expectations.


Not only is Katherine’s content brilliant and fluid, she makes even the complicated subjects easy to digest, while all time time thinking of how the text will work on an SEO level.


I have enjoyed every minute working with Katherine, she truly is a great human being with a friendly and very intelligent head on her shoulders!



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